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National Juvenile Information Sharing Institute

National Juvenile Information Sharing Institute

National Juvenile Information Sharing Initiative (NJISI) – ACG was the lead project director for this 13 year initiative under the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention from 1999 - 2013.

The National Juvenile Information Sharing Institute (NJISI) works with juvenile justice, youth services, and community and state leaders to effectively coordinate multiple services, and to foster informed decision-making regarding juveniles, whether in the justice, education, health or welfare contexts.

The National Juvenile Information Sharing Institute is a clearinghouse for successful information sharing standards, programs and methodologies that foster positive outcomes for youth and families maneuvering through youth serving agencies.

Through this initiative ACG:

• Introduced the Juvenile Justice XML to NIEM and joined with federal partners (BJA and HHS) and participated in the establishment of the Children, Youth, and Family Services (CYFS) domain in NIEM.

• Led the harmonization effort of the new CYFS NIEM domain,

• Employed groundbreaking technology design and customizable tools increasing the capacity of sites to use NIEM,

• Designed governance guidelines to ensure a national standard exists for juvenile justice community for information sharing,

• Responding to over 30 states at varying levels of JIS implementation with appropriate technical assistance,

• Developed new and needed information exchanges for distribution to the juvenile and child welfare community,

• Responding to technical assistance requests related to privacy, HIPAA, FERPA, consent, data exchanges and sustainability planning.

• Conducted statewide summits for Colorado on information sharing protocols and provided/providing TA to other states as requested.

ACG has recently created the National Juvenile Information Sharing Institute that encapsulates over a decade of work into an online clearinghouse of information relative to children, youth and family information sharing.  ACG is committed to maintain and update this clearinghouse with up-to-date information sharing practices, standards and tools. As more tools are developed they will be uploaded and maintained on this site.

Governance Guidelines for Juvenile Information Sharing

The Governance Guidelines for Juvenile Information Sharing are being updated and will be converted to an easy to access ‘e-Book’.  Stay Tuned for More!

Center for Network Development

The Center for Network Development (CND) was a key organization in the area of juvenile justice information sharing.  In 2000, CND launched a unique training curriculum and technical assistance approach that integrated operational requirements for achieving JIS that was developed and implemented by a collaborative of key stakeholders; ensuring confidentiality and protecting private information; and employed appropriate technology to facilitate and secure the exchange of information.

CND, while no longer a functional organization, ACG has committed to maintain the historical knowledge base that it created and supported for over 13 years.  An online repository of its work products can be found in abstract form below.  If you would like electronic copies of any of the materials, please contact Stephanie Rondenell at: