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National Juvenile Information Sharing Institute

Alpha Consulting Group, Inc. (ACG) is a WBE headquartered in Colorado with professional staff that has a  successful and proven track record of accomplishments and strategic focus on analysis and process evaluation for courts, interoperability planning and implementation development, Request for Proposal design, development and vendor selection for government and human service organizations.

As a professional service organization in the public and non-profit arena, ACG is able to prepare objective analyses, while providing full assessments of current environments and furnish viable solutions that fit the needs of our clients.  With this level of expertise and experience, ACG is able to focus on the unique requirements and needs of organizations at all levels.  ACG provides services to federal, state, county and local governments, as well as human services, public safety, judicial and law enforcement agencies with a specialization in juvenile justice.

ACG’s professional credentials are highly recognized nationally and internationally. ACG has distinguished itself by developing an approach to analysis and technology that applies rigor, methodology and knowledge transfers.  This information is reviewed by our project team and ACG management to simultaneously measure the quality of current service and to ensure proper positioning to meet future client needs.

ACG brings the strength of over 20 years of combined court experience, financial stability, rigorous project process practices, and a wealth of technical and managerial experience.  ACG staff can address the needs of adult and public safety agencies, juvenile justice organizations in the areas of comprehensive study, evaluation, performance and outcome measures, restorative justice models and cross boundary information sharing and interoperability.  ACG also maintains a network of relationships with consultants and organizations that can augment our knowledge, skills, and capacity.